About Us

I’ve always had a passion for customer service. I’ve lived my life perfecting this one thing in my career regardless of where I was employed. Customer Service is a field that can have you in tears, whether it’s from joy or from pure exhaustion, it happens. I knew that I loved the role, but I needed something to keep me from being stressed out from the constant issues that came my way for 8+ hours straight. On top of being a mother of 3, I needed an outlet quick. Feeling that life was chaotic enough, I turned to the thing that brought me peace… candles. I loved the idea of making them myself and started down the path of doing just that. It all started in 2015 with a kit from Michael’s and resulted in a messy kitchen. I never knew how much calculations and testing would go into this, but for some reason this gave me solace. So, I dove into the research. Over the years, the hobby turned into something that I picked up and put down over and over again. 

In 2019, I took my customer service life to a new level and encountered a new stage that I didn’t even know existed. I soon found myself picking up the craft again and my daughters were right there with me every step of the way. While working in this new role, many issues came across my desk where I couldn’t understand what was even going on. Me and my best friend would often turn to each other for a simple answer to why we were getting some of the cases we had and trying to find a way to explain away the conversations with humor only we could understand. Not long after, the only logical answer became “I work in customer service”. Thus, I WiCS Candles was born. I have managed to join two of my passions together and can’t wait to be able to provide you with your stress relief needs, while delivering the excellent customer service you love and expect from a customer service extraordinaire! 


 The Junior CEOs of I WiCS. (left to right) Kharma, Natasha, Abigail. 

 The owner and creator. Your customer service extraordinaire, Angie Coston.