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"CPO" Chief People Officer

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You’re hired! You’re fired! The good, the bad, the funny, the scary. You see all the crazy. You spend the majority of the day seeing who fits into the people puzzle of your company. From resumes to interviews, trainings, promotions, and firing too. You’ve seen (and heard) it all. You help find the right fit for every department and person in the company. Some days it will have you on cloud 9 and some days you just want to walk away, and all of that is 100% okay. But before that random resume makes you question our education system or that “great” set of candidates makes you question your thought process… sit back and light our pure soy candle in reverence to yourself. Let the fruity aroma of the CPO candle drive your senses crazy and get you ready for another day of corporate match making.


Scent: Jamaica Me Crazy

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