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"SheEO" CEO in heels

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We did it for the men and we’re definitely bringing it for the women. Anything you can do; I can do it too! When the boss man walks in, there is a level of unspoken respect. When a boss WOMAN walks in there’s a moment that the room stands still. She’s doing everything he’s doing, and she can navigate it in her favorite skirt and 5-inch heels. This robustly scented 100% soy candle is for the woman that wants to make the room stop for just a moment. Announce your presence without speaking a word. The SheEO candle will do the same thing. Light it up and let the scent of black cherry merlot fill your space and speak volumes. Sultry, bold, luxurious, and riddled with a hint of sweetness, it’s the perfect addition to your office or home after a long day of making boss moves.


Scent: Black Cherry Merlot

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